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Last weekend I joined Jo and Arlene in Darling to watch the SA Off-road Championships … something I had never done before.  I hoped to improve my panning skills, but realise now that perhaps I should have taken the images at 1/60th instead of 1/30th … these cars are quick!cardust2














Naturally it was incredibly dusty (and noisy) and I had trouble protecting my camera from the elements! I look forward to going again, one day! 



I made a little trip to The Strand yesterday afternoon, and met up with a few HPS members – we had hoped for a good sunset, but this was not forthcoming due to low, grey clouds.  Had to make the best of what we had, and got some fun shots of feet and two-legged dogs!two-legged-dog



































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On Sunday 15th February, a group of about 10 HPS members met up in Paarl to take pics of a group of mountainbikers who regularly use ‘The Playground’ below the Taal Monument.  I mostly used the continuous shooting mode on my camera – thereby increasing my chances of a good pic here and there!  Here are a few of them …blog1

























lotus-budThe Garden re-opened on Monday, and the lotuses are in bloom!  The heat plays havoc with the tender flowers though, and it is a case of  ‘see what you will find’ once you get there. The lotus plants have been moved to a small side pond (the one next to the little bridge), where they seem to be very happy.  Take a hat and water! The outdoor restaurant provides wonderful fare under a magnificent tree which is host to huge staghorn ferns. Take your time for this visit – it’s well worth it!pink-petal 

Last night a friend and I made sushi for dinner … we are (still) quite amateurish at the making of it, but not the eating of it! Delicious! Needless to say, between three of us we could not ‘clean the plates’ last night – the rest will be enjoyed this evening! hey ho …










‘What are we given today?’ – one of Paddy Howes’s homegrown homilies -turned out to be close to the bone when Ilse Andrag and I ventured into the countryside … some mist, some rain, places closed for the holidays …I made the following pics on a serendipitous journey on 2 January, in the Wellington district.wellington-mountainsfarm-road1

img_47302Artichokes usually are eaten before they flower.  I have a plant in my garden, and, resisting the temptation to cut it off and eat it, I leave the plant to flower, resulting in the most beautiful blue fronds erupting from the globe.artichoke-flower2